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What makes up different products of Healthbest’s food supplements?

Each and every product of Healthbest is made using various vitamins and minerals that are considered as essential nutrients for every body to function properly.

Are Healthbest’s dietary supplements regulated by the Food and Drug Administration?

Yes! FDA ensures that each and every Healthbest product sold in the market are safe as well as accurately labeled. Before selling any of the Healthbest products, FDA is notified and ensured about its substantiation.

What are the benefits of taking Healthbest’s dietary supplements in general?

Supplements are a synonym of healthy lifestyle choices. The vitamins or minerals that often lack in your diet without your knowledge can be covered via the consumption of Healthbest’s supplements, thereby balancing your health.

Are Healthbest’s Nutraceuticals safe?

To ensure its consumers are supplied with secured products, each one of its offerings undergoes at least two to three months of research before its sampling is done. After that, its API is tested, and only when it is approved by various international organizations, its put out in the open.

Are there any scientific studies that prove the efficacy of Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements?

Many studies such as the ones published in the Journal of the America Medical Association, Nature’s Impact, and Journal of Emergency Medicine are enlightening. They deduce how in today’s life dietary supplements play a major role in keeping humans healthy.

What R&D does Healthbest provide?

Healthbest’s R&D team works closely with experts through the development and formulation process of each Nutraceutical. Our team develops custom formulas from start to finish or co-author formulas using required basic nutrition profiles.

What is daily value?

It’s a number that indicates the amount of a nutrient provided by a single serving of a dietary supplement. They are used for establishing standards for comparison which are based on two sets of standards called the Reference Daily Intake and Daily Reference Values. The former reflects recommended level intakes for most vitamins and minerals. Whereas, the latter is used for nutrients such as fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Is it fine to take different supplements at the same time?

This is based on personal preference. Combining supplements is neither always harmful, nor always beneficial.

Can supplement stop medicines from working?

No. Supplements do not completely stop medicines from working. However, there are interactions between them and medicines.

Is a food supplement the same as herbal medicine?

No. Herbal substances emerge from plants and are part of a food supplement as well as medicinal products. So, the latter is a subset of the former.