Why Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Skip Out On Nutraceuticals

Why Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Skip Out On Nutraceuticals

The growth and development of your baby is vital for its future health. The first three months are crucial for the baby’s central nervous system and organs to develop. It also needs enough nutrients for its brain to form, which will affect learning skills later in life. Ensuring you include a good diet with healthy food is important. But there are also certain nutrients that are required only by pregnant women that they need to supplement with each day. Here are some facts about why pregnant women shouldn’t skip out on Nutraceuticals.

Why pregnant women should take Nutraceuticals

Good nutrition during pregnancy protects the baby and the mother. This is because if you do not take good nutrition, it can increase risks for premature birth and infant mortality. For example, pregnant women who do not eat enough vegetables have a higher risk of having babies that are born early. The same is true for those who do not eat enough fish or meat. Here are some surprising facts about foods to eat during pregnancy.

Nutrients Pregnant Women Should Take

Taking supplements increases the nutritional value of your diet. If you choose to take these supplements, you may get the same benefits as if you were to eat the entire food. Nutritional supplements can help prevent deficiency in your baby’s diet.

1. How does Vitamin B12 help pregnant women?

People who are deficient in vitamin B12 have an increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth, neural tube defects and cognitive impairment. One of the most common causes of deficiency in pregnant women is lack of intake of plant-based food, which is the main source of vitamin B12. In addition, certain diet may also be a problem. Examples include problems of an under-active thyroid gland and intestinal disorders. An egg-white based breakfast cereal, for example, can help you in meeting this requirement.

There are a few ways to meet this requirement. These are:

1. Ensure you consume whole foods. Avoid processed food and refined carbohydrates that can make you feel hungry and tired after consuming.

2. Eat fish twice a week and eggs three times a week.

2. How does Vitamin D help pregnant women?

Vitamin D (also called the sunshine vitamin) is essential for the development of your baby’s bones, teeth, and muscles. It’s also important for your body to absorb nutrients better. For example, pregnant women who don’t take vitamin D supplements have a higher risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia. According to several studies, women who take vitamin D supplements are less likely to suffer from complications of pregnancy like high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.

The truth is that pregnant women can’t get enough Vitamin D from their diet alone. They need to take vitamins from reliable sources. Vitamin D has many benefits and protects your bones, including your brain and heart. It improves calcium regulation in the body.

3. How does Folic Acid help pregnant women?

Folic Acid is a B vitamin that is needed in excess during pregnancy because it’s used to strengthen the mother’s baby’s bones during pregnancy. It helps the bones and teeth develop to help the baby’s brain develop optimally. Some specific nutrients are also needed during pregnancy, including Folate. Folate helps the baby’s brain to develop optimally and helps the baby’s nervous system to function properly. Other supplements that women can include in their diet include iron and Vitamin D.


Pregnant women need a balanced diet and a good diet rich in these nutrients will ensure they are having an adequate intake of nutrients in their daily diet. For them to lead a healthy life, especially during the crucial first few months of their pregnancy, they need to take these supplements every day. Most women make it a habit to supplement their diet with the daily intake of nutrients needed during pregnancy, which is essential for the baby’s growth and development.

If you are expecting a child, then look for an expert from Nutraceuticals to get their dietary supplement recommended. They can assist you and offer a complete guide to the vitamins you need, when you need it. They can also create a lifestyle plan and get you and your baby to the level of health and wellness that you need.

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